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Neat And Tidy Shaving Apron

Neat And Tidy Shaving Apron

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The Neat And Tidy Shaving Apron is made of a spongy canvas material that is not only soft to the touch, but also easy to clean and dry. With an ergonomic design, simply clip it to your mirror to prevent clogging your sink while shaving. Enjoy a mess-free and efficient shaving experience.

It's sized at 110x70cm in black and white. Package includes 1 Beard Shave Apron and 2 suction cups, making grooming a breeze. Say goodbye to bathroom clean up and hello to a clean shave.

This shaving apron keeps your bathroom clean and organized by catching hair clippings as you shave. Say goodbye to messy sinks and countertops, for a more efficient and stress-free shaving experience. Designed to make your shaving routine hassle-free and convenient.

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