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Electric Warming Tray

Electric Warming Tray

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This electric warming tray heats up quickly, keeping your food warm for extended periods of time. With its fast heating feature, enjoy perfectly warm meals anytime. Say goodbye to cold food and hello to convenience. Instant Heating. No need to wait for tasty meals with this electric warming tray. It heats up incredibly quickly in just 10 seconds and keeps your food warm for a long time. Enjoy rapid heating and delicious dishes anytime.

Seamlessly adapt to your dining preferences with our electric warming tray. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your food warm or reheating it later. Complements a range of tableware materials, including metal, ceramics, glass and enamel, for versatile use.

This Electric Warming Tray is made of durable ABS and tempered glass for long-lasting use. With a large size of 36*18*2cm/14.17*7.09*0.79 inches, it provides ample space for keeping food warm. Its 220v voltage ensures efficient heating and precise temperature control. Perfect for convenient and safe serving.




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